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Knowing Dr. C. Tuna

I spent my whole life on changing people’s lives.

Dr. Cevdet TunaFounder of Farmasi

Who is Dr. C. Tuna?

As a child during the early days of the Republic of Turkey, who got a medical degree, he picked out another profession that would be useful for more people. With the medicines he manufactured for years, he provided a remedy for thousands of people.

Then, he started up an integrated manufacturing facility which consists of  5 unique factories. In these facilities, FARMASİ has been manufacturing about 2000 different cosmetics and personal care products for men, women and children.

Human beings spend their whole life to create a change. However, actually, I wonder how many of us changed people’s lives or spent our life for the goodwill of others.

Dr. C. Tuna
Founder of FARMASi

FARMASİ dedicated its vision to excellence both in quality and operation. Last but not least, these products have provided employment for more than 3 million consultants from all around the world, who have been selling Farmasi, Dr. C. Tuna, Mr. Wipes and Nutriplus brands in domestic and foreign markets.

FARMASİ facilities have a daily capacity of more than 1 Million pieces, which is the largest facility in Turkey, and one of the largest in Europe. Our export volume is close 1,000 containers annually. All these succesful points are supported with its excellence vision.