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FARMASi Malaysia

Restore Your Confidence

FARMASi promotes effortless skin-caring cosmetics and personal care products as we only use natural ingredients.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose FARMASi Malaysia Among Others

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Value For Money

We manufactured most of our products in our manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey. That is why we are able to produce high-quality products and affordable prices.

Halal Certified

FARMASi products are Halal certified by international halal certification in Turkey. Our manufacturing facilities are very clean with ISO & GMP certified. We use the latest technology machinery in its manufacturing process with very minimal human involvement. The product also has US FDA approval.

High Quality Products

FARMASi is a vertically integrated brand. This means we have complete control over the process and the quality of every product in our catalogue. FARMASi products are produced to the highest beauty standards and with the very best ingredients.

Industry-Leading Innovation

FARMASi uses the latest technology, the most innovative practices and we even grow some of our own ingredients at Farmacity, Turkey. We make sure every product is competitive with the industry, making it easier for our customers to confidently build their business with a quality brand.

Rewarding Compensation Plan

FARMASi compensation plan has one of the highest-paid out commissions to its resellers in the country.