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Night is the time where skincare is highly required. There is no such thing as “the right way” of doing a skincare routine, but there is definitely an optimal way to do so. Layering skincare products at night is beneficial to provide the moisture the skin may have lost to restore while getting a good night sleep.

Our skin may have worked too hard during the day, so it deserves some pampering at night. There aren’t environmental stressors like sun damage and environmental pollution, so the products are able to penetrate better at night while sleeping when the skin can breathe. 

At FARMASi, we usually recommend our customers to use our anti-aging skincare series, Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist to layer as night skincare routine. The steps are crucial to achieve the best result. Keep reading to find out.


Step 1: Cleanser

A gentle cleanser is able to eliminate any makeup, dirt, excess oil and other dead skin cells to reveal rejuvenated skin that will not strip the natural oil produced by the skin.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Gel Cleanser is formulated with active ingredients like Laminaria Digitata Extract and Red Algae Complex which stabilises skin with nourishing hydration. It helps to moisturise the skin, increase elasticity and boosts collagen production for a firming effect and cell renewal.


Step 2: Exfoliating Cleanser

There may be excess oil or dirt accumulated in the pores which may require an exfoliating process to clear them off.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Exfoliating Cleanser gently buffs away dirt and dead cells leaving your complexion softer, brighter and youthful looking. It will deliver a smooth and luminous appearance, helping the skin to feel and look revitalised.


Step 3: Essence Tonic

An essence is commonly used in Korean beauty where the skin is best prepared before layering with other skincare products.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Beauty Essence Tonic Spray provides an ultra-fine hydrating mist which soothes and balances skin while helping to remove post cleanse residue for a silky smooth debris-free finish. It consists of two active ingredients:

Witch Hazel: keeps pores clean and clear of irritants and impurities revealing radiant skin

Red Algae Extract: attracts water back to skin for hydration

Organic Chamomile: gently comforts skin


Step 4: Serum

When it comes to anti-aging, serum plays a big role in it.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Serum acts against signs of aging by supporting the synthesis of collagen minimising the appearance of fine lines in skin. This lightweight powerful formula features Red and Brown Algae Extract infusing skin with essential proteins, minerals, vitamins and hydration for smooth and supple feeling skin. Additionally, this serum is proven to increase moisture by 36% in 6 hours!


Step 5: Moisturiser

Pretty sure that everyone is aware that a moisturiser is undoubtedly crucial in skincare routine to reinstall moisture that it has lost.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Rich Moisturiser is formulated with Laminaria Digitata Extract which hydrates and nourishes the skin on contact. Rich in antioxidants, the special blend of marine plants promote even skin tone, minimise the appearance of discoloration and defend against environmental free radicals.


Step 6: Eye Cream

If you have been skipping eye cream in your night skincare routine, you should definitely bring this in. Eye cream helps to rejuvenate tired looking eyes and give them a youthful looking glow and lessen the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist Eye Cream is formulated with Microalgae Technology which targets the look of wrinkles especially undereye area, giving it a visible lift from its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. This advanced formula helps you fight the signs of fatigue as well.


Step 7: Sleeping Mask

Top off all the night skincare products with a sleeping mask as it helps to lock in moisture throughout the night.


Get your beauty rest with Dr. C. Tuna Age Reversist All Night Beauty Mask. It contains Golden Vitamin C –  amix of Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid and Gold, which dramatically enhances skin penetration with outstanding antioxidant properties, giving you the ultra nourishment skin needs while you sleep.


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