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Many people tend to skip primer in their makeup routine but did you know that it has multi-benefits for the skin? It may be a puzzling product for makeup base since it serves different purposes – hydrating, luminising, mattifying and blurring. However, what does it even do?

Primer is a preparatory product to apply after skin care mainly used to keep the makeup in place and act as a barrier to separate between makeup and skincare. If you are wondering whether you need a primer or not, our answer is DEFINITELY YES! With primer, your makeup will look smoother as it helps blur open pores by filling them up like cement. Take a look at our primer products.

VFX Pro Primer

VFX Pro Primer is a mattifying weightless primer created to perfect your flaws naturally and effortlessly. It preps your skin by filling up the open pores and fine lines without clogging it, making your skin a smooth canvas for your makeup application.

Not just that, it leaves your makeup looking fresh for hours while your skin stays hydrated, firm and always camera ready. Bye-Bye blotchy makeup!

VFX Pro Primer Strobe

Meanwhile, VFX Pro Primer Strobe is an illuminating weightless primer created to perfect your flaws naturally and effortlessly that serves the same function as VFX Pro Primer, except that it is more moisturising due to its creamy texture and it gives that purplish correcting luminous glow underneath foundation.

When you include a primer in your makeup routine, you will see how much more convenient your makeup application is due to the smooth canvas it provides by blurring open pores and keeping makeup in place.

It works better with VFX Pro Foundation which is a foundation with camera ready technology as it works like a filter that hides skin imperfections by blurring open pores or fine wrinkles with its innovative photo filter technology that reflects and diffuses the light, increases luminosity, thus delivering flawless, airbrushed photo-ready skin even when close up.

Not to forget, lock your makeup with our setting spray, Time Locker Spray which contains Aloe Vera Leaf extract that keeps your makeup in place for up to 12 hours. Its micro-fine mist leaves a lightweight, non-sticky feeling to an invisible finish look. It locks your makeup as if you’ve just applied them fresh!

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